As a Graphic Artist I excel at print design such as mailers, brochures, business cards, logo design, and invitations or cards, giving clients materials that match their personality and style.  Aside from print I can also handle many digital platforms and template websites. I consider myself a fast, intuitive learner and can quickly learn new platforms and design software. I am proud of my efficiency and pace toward a deadline. My time spent as a freelance artist has instilled in me a hard working attitude and goal oriented ambition.

WebHeader-11As an artist I am whimsical and multi-talented. I am an illustrator but also a painter (artwork HERE). I have authored and illustrated one children’s book, “Grumpy Lumpy”. It was also my privilege to handle all aspects of the book from writing, to illustrating, to layout, book cover, pre-press, and production. I am both artistic and mathematical, and have a passion for all things paper.

My experience at Washington State University, Crimson Oak Publishing, and Blue Spirits Distilling has set me up with a strong understanding for Corporate Branding and continuity, as well as team planning and execution of design goals in a timely manner, under budget, and across several planes of design from tactile building to digital.

I have a BFA in Art and Graphic Design from Washington State University of 1656007_836140056401922_388499807_nwhich I graduated with honors. Along with this, I spent some time at the Queensland College of Art in Queensland, Australia where I studied 3D animation and 2D design.

In my free time I snowboard, wakeboard, ride horses, and play golf avidly. Along with my children’s book, I am also a published author of a few kitschy young adult novels I’m also rather proud of. At home I enjoy and love building endless Lego sets with my four-year-old.